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Parts Box

Parts Box

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Why Use A Parts Box?

  • Parts are easy to lose and are expensive
  • Minimizes loss risk
  • A parts box demonstrates organization/professionalism
  • Lost parts cause significant customer dissatisfaction! – Remote Controls – Master Bed Assembly – Children Bed or Crib
  • Lost parts demonstrate confusion and lack of  professionalism at delivery

The purpose of the parts box is to:

  • Eliminate misplaced parts for items that were disassembled or parts that are easy to misplace.
  • Provide a method of  identification so these parts can easy be located for reassembling.
  • Create a specially marked container that can easily be identified.
  • Make the parts carton highly visible in the shipment
  • Parts box decals can be placed on any carton (1.5 or 3.1 cube carton works well).
  •      Use multiple parts box decals or preprinted box.
  •      Use cartons identified with van line /agency name or logo.
  •      Clearly label the outside of the carton with the van line registration number and  customer’s name.
  • Place the parts box in a central location of the residence for the loading crew.  This makes it easy for all parties to locate the box during the disassembly phase.
  • All bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners and assembly instructions, should be placed into parts bags and properly labeled, noting were the items came from on the parts bag.

A helpful suggestion is to include items the customer may have an immediate need for at destination:  light bulbs, toilet paper, and small children's toys/snacks.—Note on the inventory that the parts bag has been placed in the parts box.

The part box should be the last or first item to be inventoried and the (last item loaded/first item off) the truck.

Take the guess work out of maintaining control of parts.

Progressive Claim Prevention panel


Pre and Post Move Property Inspection

The importance of a pre and post move inspection cannot be understated. As a example we have listed items that should be checked prior to any origin and destination services are performed. Property damage came into the top 10 of claims concerns for our first presentation, this topic will be fully addressed as this site builds.