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Upcoming Events

The CPPC arranges two events a year for membership to gather for education and networking purposes.  The following events are already on the calendar.   Stay tuned as details of these events further unfold. 

Note:  Registration for an event usually opens 4 months prior to the event, but sometimes earlier depending on the location.  Typically contracts allow for negotiated hotel rates to extend 2 to 3 days pre and post of an event to allow for personal time outside the scheduled events.  We hope you will take advantage of these options when made available.  Just make sure you register using the appropriate code or name, to insure you get the special negotiated rates for your entire stay. 

If you have any quesitons, don't hesitate to contact the CPPC office.  
CPPC 2021 Workshop
St. Louis, MO April 2021
Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to conditions still in play with the Covid 19 Pandemic.  We are truly sorry as we had hoped to be able to safely gather.  We will be looking at possible options to gather virtually in the 2nd quarter of this year.

las vegas sign showgirlsCPPC 2021 Conventionexterior a -
Oct 29th & 30th
Harrah's Las Vegas, NV

Mark your calendar now!
Further details to be published in July 2021.

CPPC Workshop 2022 - April 8th & 9th - alexander pic
The Alexander Hotel Indianapolis, IN

CPPC 2022 Convention - Eastern Region