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Progressive Claim Prevention Committee Members

Progressive Claim Prevention Committee Members

Formed in the spring of 2009, this committee is a volunteer group of industry experts working together to reduce claims by identifying current and new issues that we, as an industry, are facing.  Panel and off-panel contributor submissions are compiled to create a top 5 list (time limitations for panel discussions at conferences).

Each issue is addressed from the various panel member's perspective and discussed in length to explore all aspects of the concern.  We then offer, from a carriers perspective, a "best practice" and then a committee "innovative approach", which may include a new product or a new application of an existing product.

We realize that claims willl never be totally eliminated, but even a 5% reduction can add a substantial amount to a company's bottom line.

The committee  findings have been presented at numerous conventions....and have also been presented to various moving company's individual locations.


Current Committe Members

Note:  This committee is currently being re-formed under new committee set-ups directed by the CPPC Board.  If you are interested in working on this committee, please let a CPPC Board Member know.