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"QCA" - Qualified Claims Analyst Course

CPPC Logo New 2022                                  CPPC debuts the
               CPPC “QCA” - Qualified Claims Analyst

                       course in conjunction with the
              CPPC 2023 Workshop.   March 30th, 2023.

We are excited to debut the CPPC “QCA” - Qualified Claims Analyst course this year.  In the past the America Moving and Storage Association offered a course known as the “CCA” – Certified Claims Analyst session.  Unfortunately, that session has not been continued since AMSA was absorbed by the American Trucking Association.

The CPPC believes this course is the beginning of more courses to follow.  The “QCA” course will have a core focus on Claims basics referred to as Claims 101.  It will cover the Carmack Amendment as the basis of Moving and Storage Claims.  It is believed a solid foundation on claim’s 101 basics is a great basis for Moving and Storage Claims handling.  This course does conclude with an optional exam.  Passing of the exam will result in a certification of completion and the ability to include the “QCA” qualification on your signature line and be acknowledged by those in the claims side of the Moving and Storage Industry.  

The ”QCA” – Qualified Claims Analyst course is a one day course that will take place on Thursday March 30th, preceding the beginning of the CPPC 2023 Workshop on March 31st, The course will begin at 9am and should conclude no later than 4pm. This is a totally optional event and separate from the fees associated with attending the CPPC 2023 Workshop.  The cost for the course is $275.00. It includes all course materials, lunch, and optional conclusion exam for certification. To register for the course, simply complete the appropriate section of the CPPC 2023 Workshop Registration form found in the back of the current CPPC Claims Journal or on the CPPC web site at www.claimsnet.org.

The CPPC believes the “QCA” – Qualified Claims Analyst course is a good basis for anyone working in Moving and Storage Claims.  Whether you are new to the industry, new to interstate claims procedures or want a refresher in claims handling; we believe you can benefit from this course. The course covers the Carmack Amendment, claims processing basics, valuation, basic customer service, claims settlement guidelines and understanding Interstate vs Intrastate claims.  Recognizing the differences in Property Damage claims, Inconvenience claims and Military Claims; but will not include much on these extended claim’s types.  We do expect to have future offerings on these and other elements of claims in the Moving and Storage Industry.    

Again, registration for this seminar can be completed on the CPPC 2023 Workshop Registration form in conjunction with your Workshop Registration or by itself.  You do not have to attend the CPPC 2023 Workshop to partake in this optional course, but we are hopeful that you will attend both with one travel dollar.