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CPPC 2020 Workshop Hotel Info

CPPC 2021 CONVENTION – The Reunion
October 29th & 30th


Thursday 10/28/21

2:00-5:30 PM              Pre-Board Meeting
               Open to Membership

Friday 10/29/21

8:00-11:00 AM            Optional: Military Round Table
                                 Moderator:Michael Czarnecki – National Claim Services, Inc
                                 Panelist to date: Mark Edick – U.S. Army Claims Service
                                                               JD Klein – U.S. Army Claims Service

9:00-11:30                   Optional: Repair Firm Session Only
Moderator: David Glassberg – At The Shop Furniture Service

12:00-1:00 PM            Registration Open

12:15-12:45                 Newbies (Board Introduction and Welcome Newbies

1:00-1:30                     Opening General Session
                                       National Anthem
                                       CPPC President’s Address—Debbie Morales
                                       Housekeeping Details

1:30-2:30                     Let's Reconnect (open sharing time and pow wow)
                                   What's on your mind?

2:30-2:45                     Break

2:45-3:45                     Impact of Covid-19 on the Industry
                                    Moderator: Alan Jobe – CPPC Executive Director
                                    Brenda McCandless – Atlas Van Lines
                                    Laura Pung – Wheaton World Wide Moving
                                    Chuck Russel – UniGroup, Inc.
                                    Anita Haskins – SIRVA
                                    Denice Valluzzi – UNIRISC, Inc.
                                    Pam Johnson – National Claims Services
                                    Natalie Harrison – Covan World-Wide Mvoing                                     

3:45-4:00                     Break

4:00-5:00                     Antique Roadshow
Moderator - Brenda Murray – At Your Service Appraisals

Saturday 10/30/2021

8:00-9:00 AM               Breakfast

9:00-9:30                     Town Hall Meeting

9:30-10:30                    Burden of Proof (Electronics. Mattresses and more)
Moderator: Dan Ashworth - Jumping Creek Restoration

10:30-10:45                  Break

10:45-11:45                  Vegas Trivia Game
                                   Moderator: Melissa Harling - Hollander Storage & Moving Co.

11:45-1:00 PM             Lunch

1:00-1:45                     Virtual Inspections from the repair vendors – Is this the wave of the future
                                   Moderator:Jonathan Heisey – Classic Touch Up
                                                  Ron Rogers – Southwest Resources

1:45-2:00                     Break

2:00-3:00                     Virtual Inspections from the claim reps - Is this working for you?
                                   Moderator - Brandi Johnston – Ace Relocation Systems
                                   Panel: John Barret - National Claim Services

3:00-3:15                     Break

3:15-4:00                     Topic Pending (Let us know what you want to have included?)                                                Moderator:

4:00-4:15                     Wrap Up

4:30-5:30                     Post Board Meeting
                                    Open to Membership

6:30-10:00                   Closing Reception:  Monster Mash
                                    Costume Party - OptionalMonster Mash 2